Campaigns to request 3 things from Devolved Administrations

Armed Forces Covenant

Devolution has brought many changes since Armed Forces Covenants were signed. New legal entities Combined Authorities have been created with new decision-making powers. Our Founder knows this as an Ex Council Chief Executive.

Important budgets have been devolved and matters such as Health and Social Care, Mental Health, Housing and Transport have been devolved. Every single workstream should have an Armed Forces angle. This is sadly not the case. 

Shoulder to Soldier campaigns to request 3 things from Devolved Administrations ;

1.   Agreements between Central Government and Devolved areas ( Devolution Agreements) include specific wording akin to the Armed Forces Covenant, stronger wording is preferable. Combined Authority Constitutions should reference the Armed Forces Covenant.

2. Our Founder organised and drafted the first ever Combined Authority Covenant for Greater Manchester. Our Founder has written to all Combined Authorities to ask that this is put on their agendas so that in the very least every Combined Authority and all partners, all Councils, Trusts, CCGs, Providers, Transport, Housing and Armed Forces Charities and others sign up and commit at Combined Authority level. Combined Authorities are new legal entities.

3.In devolved areas there should be an appointed Lead Regional Officer/ or Councillor for Armed Forces Families.