Don’t Wait to be Asked, be Proud to be Armed Forces Families

Why don’t you download our letters and take them to your local Council, NHS and other public service providers, let us know what feedback you get and we will post on the website.

There are an estimated 2.6 million Veterans (ex forces) and 196,000 serving personnel across the UK (Regular and Reservists)  - MOD Monthly Service Personnel Statistics February 2017.  

Yet we know that Council’s, the NHS, dentists and GP practices do not routinely identify Armed Forces Families. ( GPs have got better recently)  

Computer systems are such that they don’t share data from one department/ service to another.
The Royal British Legion is attempting to get the Armed Forces Families identification question embedded within the 2020 census, which is commendable.  However, for many veterans this will be too late.   Our campaign is an empowerment campaign for Armed Forces Families. Simply download the form that applies to you and take it into your local Council, NHS, Dentist and/ or GP practice.  We would like to know what reaction you receive.
Why is it important to identify yourselves as Armed Forces Families,    

The answer is that you are entitled sometimes to different support and priority in some cases.    

  1. All veterans are entitled to priority access to NHS care (hospital/ primary or community care) for conditions associated with your time in the armed forces.    
  2. If you have a mental health condition due to service you can access Combat Stress support or in some areas other military NHS providers. This is different to mainstream services.   · 
  3. If you have served your country and are in need of housing some Councils have raised the priority for ex serving personnel.  
  4. If you are a child of someone serving their country you are entitled to service pupil premium £330 a year for forces children. If schools do not know then they do not get the funding.  
There are many more examples.  

So our campaign is to get proactive – Don’t wait to be asked take charge and more importantly make sure that the Organisation’s  confirms that they have updated all their records about your status.   You may think we have missed out a scenario please let us know and we will add more.  

Lets see if we can make a difference in support of our Armed Forces Families and take that initial step of being identified. 

You can download the forms here