They did it !

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Last weekend, I, Katie Coates and my friend Ethan Stansfield, walked up the Three Peaks of Yorkshire in two days. I found this challenge very hard because part of it involved rock climbing with bags on our backs and we had to keep on walking until the end even when we felt incredibly tired. The first day was especially difficult because when we climbed up Whernside, the highest peak, it was raining at the top and the weather wasn’t as nice as we thought it would be; however, the weather got better when we went rock climbing up Ingleborough. At the end of the day, my Fitbit told me we had walked nearly thirty-nine thousand steps and sixteen point two miles! We were glad to have a big lunch! Unfortunately, the campsite was very noisy so we didn’t get as much sleep as we hoped to get, but before we went to bed the night sky was clear and we could see lots of shooting stars! The next day, when we climbed Pen-y-ghent, the sun was out and we could see the car at the top of the mountain! My dog was so tired he fell asleep when we were having our dinner at the top! We got down off the mountain very quick but it took us about 5 hours to get to the finish line where I found out we had done twenty-four thousand steps and ten miles. We were all very tired and my dog also fell asleep at the pub when had a drink, along the walked people called him Wonder-Dog! I wanted to complete this challenge to help people who have fought for our country and freedom and I don’t mind what the money is used for as long as it is used to help veterans in need.  .