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11th November - We Will Remember

The 11th November, 
The first world war ended,
So many lives,
Didn’t go as intended,
So we could have life 
Many soldiers lost theirs, 
Thousand of losses, 
Despite of millions prayers

Today we remember, 
The pain and the sorrow, 
Of all the brave soldier, 
Who weren’t promised tomorrow

It would be really nice, 
If we all did some giving, 
Took some time out to care, 
For our Vets that are living

If you see a Veteran,
Offer help and assist,
It may be due to their bravery,
That your family exit

Sprinkle some kindness,
Take some time to help out,
Let them know we’re graceful,
Leave them in no doubt

That we will remember,
We will never forget, 
To every Vet 
And we‘re so very graceful,

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